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Door Hardware

A great way to update a room is with new door hardware. The return on investment is great. And because hardware is an easy-to-change item, you can switch it out more frequently than fixed items and have a little more fun with trends. New hardware is a way to keep your home looking current. Hardware is the jewellery of a home – it may be small but it can make or break a room. So when you’re renovating, or if you just want a quick and easy update, new hardware should definitely be on your list. The trend is going urban modern with smooth texture and clean lines, but it makes a strong statement. When you install this type of piece against a solid background it sets a simple but distinct tone for the entire room. This look is suited to clean, modern spaces that take a “less is more.

Designers are using color to either contrast or complement their interior doors I am seeing flat black becoming a popular choice, it is dramatic and contrasts well against a painted or stained door. polished nickel works really well in transitional spaces and has a ton of flexibility when it comes to style because of its warmer “sterling silver finish” Whereas chrome has that cool blue undertone.

Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the gold craze. Gold was a nasty word in the past I am sure all of us have seen the old gold plate rubbing off and looking old and tired. Now with the development of lifetime finishes and living finishes which are natural and not plated gold is back!

Other than just a finish option, I am seeing a trend moving toward controlled Access. To add on extra layer of security or if you own a vacation home or rent out to AirBNB. Electronics are being applied to solve access control issues where a simple mechanical solution would have been used in the past. With everything from keyless touch pads to smart cards, the access control options are popular now.


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