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Art Deco

If you are big fan of the Great Gatsby and everything 20’s, then you will love Art Deco styling! Art Deco was revived in the 1960’s, 70’s and the 80’s because it is known as a style of optimism and hopefulness. When the economy is steady, pop culture flourishes. In the 60’s areas like Miami Beach, and key Deco buildings were designed with the style’s influences. In the 70’s and 80’s big clubs with disco’s, restaurants, and large hotels were showing off with excess, luxury and status in mind.

However, the Art Deco design is not for the faint of heart. Opulence is the keyword that drives most of the aesthetic choices and it can be seen throughout every aspect of this style, including the color palettes. When choosing hues for these spaces focus on subtle shades of your favorite neutrals, opt for saturated versions. Build the look around creamy whites, chocolate browns and heavy blacks. Then, finish with bold accent colors.

Elegant shapes are an important component of Art Deco style. Most often, this is shown through the furniture used to fill a space. This aesthetics' signature style hinges on incorporating pieces that set a curvy body on top of angled legs.

Popular Deco destinations like South Beach Miami, New York, Montreal, Havana and Paris are more popular than ever. It seems that we as society have an unquenchable thirst for beauty, glamour and luxury. Art Deco represents hope, optimism and beauty and even during tough economic times, the appeal of Art Deco is hard to ignore. At the end of a long hard day, there's nothing better than a cocktail, a dose of leisure and a huge helping of hope for a brighter future.

Along with repetition, and symmetry, Art Deco often incorporates more glamourous materials and patterns than traditional interiors.

Why is Art Deco relevant? It's coming back! You can see it anywhere, from wall coverings and panels, to the fabric on your back right now!

We're also seeing Art Deco reemerge through furniture styles!

So, be on the look out! What do you think will be next?

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