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This is the story of Mickey Bufalini.

Mickey, as she was called by her friends and family, was a wonderful woman who was loved, is missed, and will always be remembered.

Mickey’s story begins on April 3, 1959, the eldest child to William George and Mary Patricia Gammon. She made her entrance into the world with a full head of her trademark red hair causing her maternal grandfather (himself a redhead) to declare what “a little Irish Mick” she was … and, with the uttering of that one phrase, a nickname was bestowed upon her which would last a lifetime. From the moment of her birth, it was apparent that Mickey was the “quintessential redhead” -born with an unbridled spirit, an abundant amount of innate energy, and a large appetite for living. Growing up, Mickey lived the life of a “corporate brat” uprooting and moving to different cities every few years -Kansas City, Memphis, Sacramento, then Denver, and, finally, Houston. Such a “vagabond existence” might have caused a lesser child to become withdrawn and unsure of themselves; However, with Mickey, it became a context within which to both hone and express her outgoing and enigmatic personality. She embraced each move and saw each city as an opportunity to meet new friends, explore new places, and embark on new adventures.

When Mickey’s family reached Houston, her parents decided to “grow roots” and allow their children to grow up in one area of the country. Following that decision, Mickey graduated from St. Agnes Academy and obtained a degree in Interior Design from Steven F. Austin University. God graced Mickey with many wonderful gifts including, among others, an artistic eye, a beautiful singing voice, and a loving heart. It was through the expression of one of these gifts, her beautiful singing voice, that she met her husband, Mark. The two songbirds met in the church choir and, in 1987, were married. Within a year, the newly married Mickey, along with her architect husband, moved to New Jersey. In the backdrop of New York City,  they started their own Interior Design and Architecture firm. Over the next 6 years, the firm became quite successful; However, in 1995, her daughter, Olivia, was born, and the decision was made to return to her Texas “roots” and raise her daughter.

Over the last 20 years, Mickey and her husband created their second highly successful design firm -The Collaborative Design Group. While her husband crafted beautiful home designs, Mickey thrived creating unique and creative interiors for their clients. Her ability to understand and “connect” with her clients was exhibited through very personal designs which reflected both who the client was as well as who they aspired to be. This “superpower” was a natural extension of her person.

Mickey was, at her core, a people person. Her innate understanding of people, coupled with her respect and appreciation for everyone no matter their status in life, made her a natural leader. This translated into, among other things, tremendous business success, a fierce loyalty among her employees, and enduring, lifetime bonds with her friends. However, the “magic of Mickey” was her ability to be absolutely present with whomever she was with and to make them feel that, for at least that one moment, they were the most important person in the world. Mickey truly embraced her life and dove headfirst into every wave of emotion that her life, and its consequences, generated. Some might believe that Mickey was called away from us way too soon. However, it could be argued that, in her short time on this Earth, Mickey touched more hearts, empowered more people, and spread more love than many others who have lived far longer lives. Quite simply, the “little Mick”, true to her Irish heritage, demonstrated to us all the art and joy of living.

Loved ones that will miss Mickey until they meet again include her loving husband Mark Bufalini, daughter Olivia Bufalini, brother William Gammon of Katy, Sister-In-Law Lisa Bufalini Barber of Pennsylvania, Aunt Jere Ann Coleman of Houston, Aunt Patricia Gammon Elgin of New Mexico, nephew Justin Gammon and his wife Ana of Katy, and nieces Sarah Gammon Chapman and her husband Brett Chapman of Dallas, Jaqueline Gammon of Dallas and Lauren Dudash of Pennsylvania.

And so, the story goes on until we see our Mickey again. We love you and we miss you Mickey.

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