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"A year and a half ago, we set out to find an architect and interior designer to help us design our retirement home. We interviewed candidates and decided, since we lived in California, communication was key to our project. What better way to assure that, than to employ Mickey and Mark Bufalini to help us with this large and distant under taking.


Aside from the fact that, individually, they were both the top candidate for our endeavor, having them both on our team has proven golden. We are on the last phases of planning before we break ground on what will be a beautiful home for our family.


Mickey and Mark were certainly the answer to our prayers when it came time to building our home."


- Mr. and Mrs. John Bethancourt.

“Mickey and Mark Bufalini of Collaborative Design Group, bring their highly creative design abilities to its fullest expression through collaboration with the client, architect, and builder. Since we first started working with CDG, we at Robert Daigle Builders, Inc. have been impressed with their excellent conceptual and design skills, keen eye for style, color and texture and knowledge of new products, materials, applications and prices. All these qualities facilitate the homebuilding process and enhance good communication between the homeowner and the builder.”
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