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interior transformations

transform your home, make a great first impression

"My husband was speechless! Not a common occurrence!!! I tried to convince him I’d done it all but …we ALL know that isn’t true :) Thank you again. " R. Milton

"We are really enjoying our makeover and everyone who has come to visit has been very impressed, they couldn’t believe this transformation was using all of our own furniture and accessories!  Thanks again for everything you and your team accomplished." B. Bagley

CDG-AI is pleased to offer a unique design service to you-

“Interior Transformations”


This "makeover process" will quickly and economically transform, any room in your home using your furniture and accessories, and our experience and creativity.


In one day, our design team can turn your space from ordinary to extraordinary.  In a few hours, using your existing furnishings and accessories in a new way you will see instant results that totally transforms your rooms. 


The Key elements to successful, affordable transformations are working with existing furniture, possessions, artwork and accessories.  The secret is placement and organization.  The homeowner does not need to buy anything to have this complete service.


The step-by-step magic of interior transformation begins by consultation with the homeowner to best understand the home’s most important features.  Results are complete within hours of the same day.  Collaborative Design Group is always guided by a philosophy which respects sentimental value so the idea is to work with furniture, carpets, window treatments and even the clients own accessories.


Using the skill and talent of a trained design professional can make the difference in deciding how to space plan a room, or accessorize a books shelf.  The end result is often dramatic and the homeowners have immediate satisfaction.


When Collaborative Design Group first introduced Interior Transformations to homeowners they found clients who thought they could never afford the services of an “Interior Designer”.  The company’s fee schedule is reasonably based on a room-by-room price, including the initial consultation.  And no additional costs are incurred. 


With over 35 years of experience in furniture arrangement, lighting, artwork placement, and accessorizing, our team will make a significant impact on your environment for your personal enjoyment.


why you may consider a transformation

  • downsizing and you can't figure it out- what to keep and what to part with?

  • newly married and merging two households

  • newly divorced and missing pieces and just don't know where to start or want a whole new look.

  • relocating, but don't know what to take.

  • home is not selling and you don't know why- make your home sell faster by making it attractive to your potential buyers.

  • just want a fresh new look and don't need all new furniture

This service is an inexpensive way to get results! Whether you are a Realtor, Builder or Home Owner, our services enhance your home's appearance.  Remember, the very FIRST IMPRESSION, forms a LASTING IMPRESSION!

before and after spaces

caldwell after study.JPG
calldwell before den.JPG
caldwell den after.jpg
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