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Interior Design Services

The Collaborative Design Group understands that people’s lives are expressed in the details, the objects they have collected, the antiques they have inherited, and the artwork chosen that tell of a life in progress. Therefore, our goal is to achieve enduring interior designs, both graceful and timeless, that showcase the passions, insights and expertise of our firm. Collaborative Design Group Interiors division strives to create a home that speaks to who and what you love in life, that connects with your passion and heart as a unique individual touching on the emotional, psychological, and even spiritual level.


For over 30 years we have helped our clients create distinctive homes that are infused with innovative, unique styling meeting their individual needs and helping them to realize and accomplish their dreams. We strive to create a home that says every element of design serves a purpose.  Using the latest technology, our team works diligently to provide the client with a unique and sustainable design, while keeping in mind the client’s vision, budget, objectives, and timeline. 

We don’t believe in defining ourselves with a certain style, we define ourselves by our creativity and talent, and the ability to read and interpret our client’s desires, to refine and reinforce your personal style and taste.  From contemporary to traditional, postmodern to Tuscan, our style and imagination have no limits.

scope of work

  • Design Conceptualization

  • Space Planning     

  • Furniture and Fabric Selection

  • Color Specification

  • Wall Treatments

  • Ceiling Treatments

  • Lighting Design

  • Custom Built-ins and Cabinetry Design

  • Kitchen and Bath Design

  • Custom Rug designs

  • Artwork and Accessories

  • Custom Window Treatments

  • Project and Warehouse Management

  • Exterior Furnishings and Accessories

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