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"I am building a new house. It's the first time I've done something like that and the first time I've hired an interior designer. My builder recommended Collaborative Design Group Architecture & Interiors. After interviewing several design firms I decided to hire CDG and I'm glad I did. I hired them because I liked their professionalism, their sense of style, and their enthusiasm. CDG has been a tremendous help. They’ve done a great job guiding me through the building process. We’ve completed all of the interior design decisions ahead of the builder’s schedule and are currently making decorating choices. They’ve been conscientious about keeping things within my budget. They seem to get along well with everyone, from suppliers to contractors. I love working with them. The next time I need an interior designer they will be the first people I call. I definitely recommend working with them."


- Keith Vagilenti

"We have done many projects with Collaborative Design Group over the last ten years. We are always excited to find out they are on the team, as it means the home is going to be very unique and of extraordinary design. We would recommend them WITHOUT reservation."


- Exterior Worlds Landscaping & Design

"We have worked with a number of Architecture and Interior Designer Companies over the years, but none of them can compare in talent and execution as CDG-AI.
Their unique approach treats each of our projects as a “work of art”, giving our clients the feel of living in a truly one-of-a-kind custom home.  At Whitestone Builders, we work very hard to surround ourselves with not only talented people, but individuals we enjoy working with.  We definitely enjoy working with this group, and we highly recommend them."


- David Gordon
Principal Whitestone Builders

"We hired Collaborative Design Group to design and decorate our home when we built it 5 years ago. The whole office was with me every step of the way. Our home is large and not something I could do myself. CDG worked beside me and made a big job easy. Still today they are available to ask questions, give me advice on things I might still want to do at our home and have even decorated my house for Christmas the last 3 years. I have recommended their service to lots of friends and acquaintances for everything from a makeover to a full design. They can do it all."


- Debbie Bethancourt

"I am a custom home builder / remodeler in the Houston and surrounding areas, specializing in large multi-million dollar home projects.  I am not easily impressed nor give compliments that are undeserved, however, I was instantly impressed when I met Mark Bufalini on a 20,000 square foot project that we worked on together.  He showed me that he has the skills and the knowledge to achieve what the home owner wants without sacrificing function and doing so without an arrogant flare that you may find with other top level architects.  Mickey Bufalini, who is a joy to be around, is highly knowledgeable in not only various areas of design, but also well understands their cost associations.  The Bufalini’s and their collaborative design initiative have taken a business that is infamously inefficient and made it efficient.  I can confidently recommend anyone to rely on CDG for their Architectural and design needs – I know you will be as impressed as I."  


- Mark Boutros

Boutros Construction

"Thank you, Mickey, for all you and your group are doing on this project.  I know you do this for a living, but it is apparent to myself and my wife that you are not only exceptional at what you do, but you really, really care about an end result and the process, as well.  We have always felt like we had nice taste, but absolutely have seen a need for your direction/advice/ and counsel."


"Y'all are awesome."


- S. Scott West

"CDG was hired to be our design firm for the building of our new home. We hired CDG soon after we started meeting with our architect. They worked with the plans making the necessary adjustments to make sure every room functioned the way we had hoped they would. Sometimes this would entail going back to the architect to make the necessary changes. They followed the process all the way through, from choosing hardware, light fixtures, colors, fabrics, furniture, etc. They were available to my builder throughout the process for site visits and questions he may have, always staying a step ahead of him with decisions we have made. They then completed our home with furniture, drapery and accessories. They used all of our belongings that we wanted in the house and mixed them with new things. Never did I feel that I could not purchase something for my home, in fact they encouraged me to go out and find things I liked. CDG managed to get inside our heads and the way our family lives and make our home not just beautiful, but very homey and comfortable."


- Justine Spath

"I have worked with Collaborative Design Group since I began in natural stone sales many years ago.

In working closely with custom home builders, project managers and their homeowners, I have heard nothing but very positive comments on their experiences in working with Mickey, Mark and their very talented staff.

Since a good majority of their projects are to the magnitude they are, they take quite a while to complete; some years. It is very important that every single item is documented. If not, this becomes a major issue for a project manager. Collaborative Design is very organized and is on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to producing very detailed and complete specifications.

This type of detailing is also a big help to vendors. If we supply Collaborative with proper documented samples, there are no mistakes on the final orders.

At the end of the projects on which I have worked with Collaborative, I am always amazed at the outcome!"


- MCA Systems

"Currently, I am in the final stages of designing a house with Collaborative design. Mark Bufalini, the chief Architect and his wife Mickey, the designer were outstanding. Working with professional's make all the difference in the world and every penny is worth it. I came to the table with very strong ideas and thought I knew it all, well, just like in my Profession, the medical field, a little knowledge can be dangerous. When I wanted something outside of my budget they were able to ring me in and offer something that was even better. The detail that is so very important was taken care of almost flawlessly. I have a very busy schedule and making it easy and accommodating my schedule was not a problem. Their talent is going to result in the home of my dreams, like in the magazines that I have collected over the years and dreamed of for our retirement years. I have no reservation in highly recommended them for anyone." 

- Cecilia Lowder

"Mickey is one of the most talented interior designers in Houston. She and her staff are extremely organized. For a home builder like myself, she is a dream to work with. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone considering building a new home."


- Allan Edwards Builder, Inc.

"Collaborative Design Group-- We love the whole team and enjoy every project we work on together! Their style is exquisite and I am proud of every project we have worked on together. Due to the quality of their work, I would recommend their services to anyone in need of an architect or interior designer!"


- Osborne Cabinets and Millwork, Inc.

"Collaborative Design Group (CDG) ROCKS! I have worked with them first as a professional and then as a client. From both perspectives, they are professional and yet, very personable and down to earth, extremely artistic both in their interior design and architecture, available, courteous, and thorough with new and different ideas to reflect their client’s needs wants and taste. As a professional, I have seen them design from start to finish including interiors and architecture, huge projects, moderate and in my case, small. (I loved what they did in my house.) Every time they treated all of their clients with the same enthusiasm and care. I have been in the background and seen how much they care about making sure their clients are “blown away” by their “new” rooms and brand new houses. Hire them!!!"


- Sheila Palmer

"I have had the pleasure to have worked with Mickey for over 20 years as one of her reps. This company, hands down is absolutely one of the top design firms here in Houston. They are an absolute pleasure to work with.

There is a certain level of creativity, talent, taste and professionalism that they possess .Most firms that I call on usually have a specific "look" that they do on all projects. Collaborative Design is one of the firms that do not specialize in any one particular category. They do it all (and do it well!)...... from traditional, to contemporary, to transitional. There is not another residential design firm that I call on that has an in house architect, but they have one on staff. Their level of expertise in all areas of design (from conception, to construction, to remodels) is unparalleled.

I actually hired Mickey for a complete downstairs remodel and was MORE than pleased with the results. The outcome was better than I could have imagined. The minute she walked in, she knew exactly what we wanted to achieve, and was mindful of our wishlist as well as our budget and made it all happen!"


- Colleen Colby

"CDG has allowed us to efficiently navigate the overwhelming number of decisions required to build a custom home.  We were extremely impressed by their initial presentation and continued to be impressed by their organization and streamlined approach throughout the process.  Their facility provides a central point in which they have consolidated samples to present to customers, effectively eliminating the need to waste hours driving around the city to view potential options.  Each major step in our journey was marked by a well thought-out presentation of options and ideas that kept us focused.  Collaborative Design Group (CDG) has the most incredible ownership and staff, whose friendly, relaxed attitudes make the entire process a pleasure.  They bring an expertise to the table without forgetting to listen to their customers’ needs, making it a truly collaborative design process.  We highly recommend CDG to anyone looking to simplify, enhance, and make the process of building a home a great and fun experience!"


- Sam and Colleen Haffar

"I have had many opportunities to work with Collaborative Design Group-Architects & Interiors. Both Mickey and her husband, Mark, are extremely knowledgeable in the field of architect. They do architectural design in every aspect. They are top notch in Houston and are well known in surrounding areas, sought after by many. Their design team is extremely professional and a joy to watch as they work with families who are building their homes. Because the homes they cater to are very upscale, their professionalism and ability to work with others is uncanny. They have a broad spectrum that stretches from contemporary to rustic. They can provide a style that fits any homeowner's needs. I feel fortunate to continue to have the opportunity to work with this reputable company."


- Gary Andrews

"CDG was very professional and very talented. The reason we chose this company was that they were very respectful of our own style and the items that had meaning to our family. Their design approach incorporated items we have collected in our travels and from our extended family. They were very reliable, timely, responsive, and on top of things during the entire project. I felt very comfortable turning the management of the project over to them and trusted them implicitly to pull all the pieces together. I never felt they were trying to fit me into a preconceived design approach but more like they were customizing their recommendations to our family's unique style and preferences. I felt that CDG understood my budget and how to best allocate that budget across the project. My family is very satisfied that the finished installations in our home authentically reflect our own preferences that our house very much feels like "home", and rivals the best decorated homes in Houston. We have moved several times and this move and interior design were simply a treat. It was comfortable, exciting, and satisfying! We love CDG, all their employees, and would (and have) recommended to anyone!"


- Betsy Bagley

"This is the latest in a long line of wonderful projects in which I have been lucky enough to work alongside this outstanding firm of professionals. Decisions I need are made quickly but with thoughtful care. Though we specialize in unique and very custom doors, it is refreshing and exciting to "collaborate" on really imaginative requests (never demands), knowing my small part is an important piece of the big picture to each member of this highly creative team. I especially appreciate the way each project seems like the best and biggest thing going, no matter what the actual size and scope. Looking forward to the next of many, I hope..."


- Kat Reilly

"CDG was involved in our new residence from beginning of construction and worked with us closely for two years – from interior design, appliance and furniture selection, drapery design to interior decoration, picture hanging and custom fabrication of furniture. It is not an overstatement to say that Mickey and team made our building experience easier and enjoyable so that we can brag that we totally enjoyed our building process. Like many home owners, we had had concerns and anxiety before starting the project. CDG was always there to help any way we needed them. Mickey was personally involved in 95% of job. She was always at the meetings, jobsites and material selections. She is a pure joy to work with and we are confident that she will lift you up and brighten your day through difficult times of your construction. Mark’s architect expertise helped come up with numerous wonderful concepts and saved much time in modifying some features of the house. CDG has a professional, competent and pleasant team of designers among which Noel Sensat is excellent. CDG went into our job more as a partner than a contract because Mickey and team were as conscious of our budget, needs and wants as we were. Because of CDG’s dedication, professionalism, pursuit to perfection and collaboration, we saved money and time and totally enjoyed building our new house. We highly recommend CDG/Mickey to anyone who is selecting a designer."


- Lisha Hall

"Collaborative Design Group is one of our favorite design firms to work with. Their entire team is not only extremely proficient and professional but they are also very kind. That goes a long way with building loyalty with their team of resources they employ to fulfill their clients visions. We've worked collaboratively on many successful projects and the respect for each other's expertise helps us to bring our very best concepts to the table.

They are a small family business and that is evident in their values and culture, but when it comes to execution they operate with the professionalism and proficiency of a firm many times their size. In terms of originality, Mickey and Mark Bufalini are some of the most original and imaginative thinkers in the industry. They are not afraid to push the envelope with their designs as they have the competence and resources to make their visions a reality. Innovative concepts coupled and the meticulous work of the CDG team always turn out some of the most creative homes I have ever seen.

Collaborative Design Group truly lives up to their name and comes highly recommended from our creative arts firm, Imago Dei. From Mark's cutting edge architectural details to Mickey's fabulous interiors, they collaborate with their clients each step of the way to create the ultimate dream home. This firm has amazing spirit and is always a joy to work with."


- Imago Dei

"It is always a pleasure to work with Mickey and Mark and the Collaborative Design Group team. Their expertise, creativity and professionalism makes every project distinct and it shows. Collaborative understands the entire building process, takes ownership of the project and delivers on their commitments while guiding their clients through every step of the design, build and furnishings process. The whole group truly listens to what the client expectations are, brings a creativeness and outlook that is unsurpassed in the Industry and do an amazing Job of setting that vision into a reality. It is a privilege to work with such a great group of talented professionals."


 - Justin Allison

SES Design Group

"Creative Branch is very proud to be associated with this dynamic design firm. We are their floral, tree, and Christmas vendor. Working with them is always a pleasure. They are so enthusiastic about each and every project they are involved in. Besides their great customer service, their designs are out of this world! They can take a house from the ground up. Not all design firms are capable of the complete range of service they can do. I highly recommend them!"


- Creative Branch

"Collaborative Design Group provides fabulous services in both architecture and interior design. I have been working with Collaborative Design Group for almost a year. They have been so helpful and creative in designing unique features in the house we are building. It has been so wonderful to have help in the architectural process as I am also trying to work on the interior design. I have been amazed at the detail of their work and the interest that CDG has given to my project. I would have made so many mistakes building my house if it had not been for CDG.

I am very thankful to CDG! I would not want to build without their help!"


- Marian Langston

"Collaborative Design Group is professional, creative and will help expand your ideas to a level that exceed your imagination and expectations. I hired them to decorate my current home and am actively working with them to completely renovate a high-rise. Love their ideas and the final results are exceptional. Recommend them 100%!"


- Cathy Cole Mitchell

"CDG was working with the builder when we decided to build our house and we admired the work they had done so much that we decided to continue working with them. Love the way they understand what I want and are not upset if it differs a little bit from their view. They make every effort to get the house looking like I want it to look but at the same time giving invaluable advice about the structure and the design. They are fun and professional people who really care about me and my house. I would have been lost in this process without them. This is our first building experience and they have been involved from the ground up and now that we are in the home stretch they are really helping me pick out the finishing touches that we will live with for a long time. I would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for architectural and design help."


- Laurie and Wade Phillips

"I hired Collaborative Design Group - Architects and Interiors in January of 2014 to help build my new home. Mark Bufalini was the architect. I chose him because I felt he was a good listener, had a lot of experience, and was very creative. When I needed extra help to decide what the front elevation should look like he and the builder,Dave Gordon from Whitestone Builders, drove around looking at architectural aspects of homes with me. It was very helpful. He took the pictures I gave him of my furniture and spent time making a design around them. David Deiss, who works very closely with Mark, had endless patience with me and immediately made the necessary changes during the design process. Mickey and Shannon were the designers. They have a wealth of ideas. I always looked forward to our meetings. They made the process fun and exciting. When I got frustrated with all the decisions that had to be made they were there to help. They were good at making my personal style come alive. It was extra special to have Mark (the architect) and Mickey (the designer) in the same office. When problems arose they were solved in 5 minutes because they were both in the same office. (I want to mention that Gloria and Cynthia in the front office were always so welcoming.) I feel that the whole team worked well together. They seem like family now. I highly recommend them. My house will be started in January of 2015."


- Jan Beckering