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Architectural Design Services

Like the foundation of your home, you will build your new residence on the work of your Architect. His creativity, talent, problem solving skills, and the ability to listen will guide the creation of a structure that is tailored to you. For over 30 years we have helped our clients create distinctive homes that are infused with innovative, unique styling, meeting their individual needs. We strive to keep our creativity fresh, our thinking flexible, and our perspective unique in order to bring our clients the very best design each and every time.


We have a very exclusive approach to Architecture because of our close interaction with our Interior design department. Our Architectural design process begins from the inside out, determining how you will function and live in your home. We then drape the exterior of your home in any design or period style you prefer. We feel our Architecture allows for the most efficient designs with space that is "right sized" for the requisite function.



 our services include

  • Custom Residential Design

  • Site Planning

  • Residential Renovation                                                           

  • Small to Medium Light Commercial Design

  • Architectural Design and Consultation

  • Floor Plan Consultation and Review

  • New Home Specification

  • Landscape Design

  • Kitchen and Bath Planning and Design

  • Custom Cabinet Design

  • Space Planning

  • Lighting Design


Collaborative Design Group, Architecture is very proud of the dynamic set of construction documents they have developed and provide to their clients. Whether your budget is $200,000.00 or $20,000,000.00, the set of construction documents that you receive will determine how, and how well, every dollar of that budget will be spent. Each of our custom designed projects receives an impressive set of our construction documents that offer distinctive details.




Construction documents include but are not limited to:

  • Site plan

  • All floor plans of each floor in the structure

  • Roof plan

  • Flooring finish plans

  • All exterior elevations

  • Building sections

  • Building details

  • Window and door schedules

  • Interior cabinetry elevations

  • Interior specialty elevations

  • Electrical plug plan for all floors of structure

  • Reflected ceiling plan showing all specialty ceilings

  • Electrical reflected ceiling plan showing all light fixtures on ceilings

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