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Dramatic Foyer Design

The foyer of a home is so important, no matter how small the space it is makes a huge impact on not only your guests but it also sets the mood for returning home from a long day of work. This space should be carefully planned to bring comfort to the homeowners and a sense of 'wow' for visitors.

In order for an entryway to impress, it should have a single dramatic element that stands out. Below are ideas for dramatic entryway elements that are sure to wow!

Large Scale Mural

Make your foyer a masterpiece by implementing a large scale wall mural.


Unique Ceiling

The ceiling is notoriously the most underutilized plane in any room. Unique ceilings bring the eye up and make the room feel taller and, overall, more grand.



Columns also make the space feeling bigger as vertical elements typically draw the eye upward. They also showcase the next room dramatically.


Double Staircases

If you're early enough in the planning process and a dual staircase foyer is possible, this is the biggest impact element in the list! A double staircase is an impressive show-stopper that is sure to be a conversation piece.


Windows/Natural Light

A gorgeous set of windows/glass doors can turn an ordinary foyer into a bright, elegant space.


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