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Blank Wall Solutions


Adorning a blank wall with a mirror serves a dual purpose, the obvious function of a mirror and also the implied space that a mirror provides. This will make your space look larger and often more polished.



Filling a blank wall with wallpaper can provide texture and motion. Depending on the type of wallpaper, a number of effects can be achieved. Click here for a complete guide on wallpaper!



For the book lover, a blank wall can be the perfect opportunity to create shelving to display your collection. If space allows, a few chairs and cozy decor can make your new reading corner your favorite part of your home.


Gallery Wall

Photos of family, friends, vacations, etc. can be displayed for a sentimental touch to any room. To add whimsy, decor such as mirrors, letters, words, and frames of varying sizes can be added to the wall.



A chalkboard -whether it be for inspirational quotes, scripture, to-do lists, grocery lists, or a calendar- is a a cute way to fill an empty wall. In a household with kids, it can also be a fun way to keep track of chores or after school activities!


Plant Wall

Potted plants provide a lively atmosphere and can transform your home into a green oasis. What better way to liven up a boring wall?


Brick or Stone

Brick and stone provide a wealth of color and texture to the space while also warming it up with its natural beauty.



Moulding adds a subtle and sophisticated interest to a wall without overpowering the room. It is perfect for blank walls with furniture that would not benefit from a busy wall behind it.


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