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Make Any Home Look Custom

1. New -& Consistent- Trim

Choose a style of trim and carry this throughout the entire home, Having consistently high quality crown molding, baseboards, and window/door trim will give the illusion that it was designed and built custom rather than with stock builder trim of most houses on the market.

2. Doors

Take all of the boring, outdated hollow core doors in the house and throw them in the bin! Replace them with doors that fit the style of your home. Don't forget to get quality hardware!

3. Walls

Custom built homes seldom have builder beige walls throughout. Pay special attention to your walls: choose good paint colors that are not outdated (neutral doesn't need to be builder beige!), utilize wallpaper for pattern and texture, or wood to bring in some nature, the possibilities are endless!

4. Columns

Columns can work to separate spaces visually while maintaining open sight=lines. The vertical nature of columns draw the eye upward, creating height, as well as providing style and grandeur.

5. Ceilings

If you were to utilize all ten of these steps but left all of your ceilings white and plain, your home would probably feel incomplete! Updating ceilings doesn't necessarily have to be a large expensive task. Wood beams, trim, paneling, or even some great paint can do a great job to show that the entire space was thought out and designed thoroughly!

6. Staircase

Most houses on the market today come with plain wood or carpeted stairs with traditional railing. However updating your staircases with stain, paint, runners, and unique railing can make a huge difference!

7. Built-Ins

Custom built-in pieces -whether they're desks, bookshelves, closets, or a butler's pantry- scream 'bespoke home'! Incorporating at least one piece -done well- will give your house the look of a premium home designed by a professional.

8. Floor Inlays

Featuring an inlay in your flooring -in a hallway, entryway, or room-shows an awareness of spacial planning as inlays carve out a space and visually separate it from the rest.

9. Updated Kitchens

An updated kitchen is possibly the most important on this list. Not only for making your home feel truly tailor made to your family but also for resale value, kitchens make a home! Try incorporating hidden appliances like the one shown below!

10. Updated Bathrooms

If the kitchen is the most important, bathrooms come in second! A well laid-out bathroom with functional lighting, incorporated storage, and unique tile/fixtures creates an oasis that is sure to impress as well as it relaxes.


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