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Jewel Tones

Natural gemstones are imbued with beautiful vibrant hues that lend themselves to bring drama to any space. Shown below are the gemstones from which most jewel toned spaces draw their inspiration. Hues that mimic these stones convey sophistication and luxury.

Jewel tones are slowly increasing in popularity as homeowners push away from griege and embracing color.

For the more reserved, pops of color can be brought in through highly pigmented accessories or a single jewel tone. The bathroom below shows a single jewel tone -Emerald- giving excellent drama without overwhelming.

Not for the faint-hearted, bold schemes can be designed by filling the space with various jewel tones for maximum impact!

Jewel tones look great with metallic pieces. Using metal finishes like gold emphasizes deep hues, creating a space that looks luxe and bold.

In the library below, jewel tones were deepened to create a dark and dramatic space.


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