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Are Libraries Really a Thing of the Past?

With the introduction of Kindle, e-books, and audio books does anyone buy a physical book anymore? I find that most of my clients don't own enough books to fill even two bookshelves much less a beautiful book-lined library. If they do own books, they are most likely paperback and not hard cover. Often times I have to go to a half-price book store to add books to shelves in my clients' home.

This is sad, there is something about the smell of old books, the feel of a book in your hand rather than a device. There's something about the look of a room that invites you to come in, pull a book off the shelf, sit down in a comfy chair, and read.

Libraries can still be great spaces. They are evolving from the dark, crowded "man's space" filled with heavy furniture, large desks, and brandy to light-filled inspiring spaces.

Home buyers are asking for media rooms, small studies, small offices to file or pay bills. Moms want a place to plan a menu, look up a recipe, plan the schedule for the week, or shoot off an email. They can craft, Facebook/Pinterest, or read with no TV or noise interference. Why not have a space to function for all of these needs?

Also consider the library a place of quite for kids to do research or homework. How about a game night in the library? Drinks with friends in the library? A quiet discussion on your next family vacation spot with your partner? (Now doesn't that sound sexy?)

The library can be dressed up or down depending on your style, you can use it as an entertaining space or a private family space. Instead of game rooms, playrooms, man caves or hobby rooms, why not a library?

Some of these libraries soar two stories tall with their own staircases and catwalks. Have can house a collection of art or collectibles. Some can merely function as need based with a table for that science fair or laptop and books.

So, I ask the question: Are libraries really a thing of the past?

Libraries can combine smaller spaces on your wish list to make a truly functional and thought provoking space for your family to enjoy.


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