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The Return of Wallpaper

Once upon a time, the word "wallpaper" was a dirty word. It would bring responses of disgust and flashbacks of scrapping and tearing wallpaper, pulling drywall up with it. However, thanks to the amazing advances that textile companies have made in wallpaper adhesive, wallpaper has become a great way to add texture, color, and interest to a space without the risk of damaging the walls!

Along with wallpaper's advances in adhesion, leaps in mold resistance and fire resistance has also taken place. These combined efforts have ensured that designers and homeowners are becoming more and more in love with wallpaper! And now that the popularity of wallpaper has risen, their designers have worked hard to create thousands of options so that there is a design for anyone, in any home, with any style and color we could image!

Many traditional wallpapers have received an upgrade without losing their style.

Subtle designs give a bit of texture and shine without overwhelming!

Geometric wallpaper designs add flare without forfeiting the modern style.

Faux painting wallpapers and watercolor wallpapers bring a soft romantic graphic to the space.

Colorful patterned wallpapers add life and excitement.

Soft ombre wallpapers replace solid wall colors for a very subtle look without distracting or overwhelming.

Landscape mural wallpapers bring adventure and nostalgia to your home!

Wallpaper with metallic accents shine and add luxury to a space!

And we have hardly scratched the surface of the possibilities!


We love wallpaper so much, in fact, that we haven't limited its application to just walls! Wallpaper can lend its graphics, color, texture, and style to a number of different parts of the home:



Cabinet Backs

Bookcase Backs

Stair Risers


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