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Unique Kitchen Amenities

When updating your cabinets or building a home and designing new cabinetry there are a few wonderful new storage ideas that have been developed to make life so much better for the cook! So, in this feature, I want to highlight my new favorites, and what I recommend to my clients.

Kitchen cabinets used to be fairly basic: a box with a drawer and a door, perhaps with a shelf or two inside. Today, though, kitchen cabinets come with many bells and whistles that can make your kitchen work even harder for you. Everyone is familiar with the recycling, trash, and pull out cutting boards, and pantry units, roll out shelves because those amenities have been around for years now, but did you know about these…

Pots and lids are always a storage challenge, so take a look at these Double-Decker Pot Drawers. This unique approach uses the bottom pull out for the pots and the top one for lids. But instead of putting pull outs behind a pair of cabinet doors, it treats both as drawers – the bottom with a tall, faux-double door front and the top hidden behind that.

Drawer pegs are showing up more often in cabinets in the United States, they have been in Europe for years. The bottom of the drawer has a grid of holes into which you can place heavy-duty pegs. These pegs allow you to create niches for dishes or pans and helps to keep things from moving around. This is particularly useful with dishes stored in lower drawers or pull-out shelves. The pegs also keep dishes from banging into each other and thus reducing the risk of chipping.

I am a huge proponent of using most all drawers in a kitchen, drawers are ergonomic: They come out to you, the user. No squatting or bending down to see what you've got. Just pull the drawer out and look down. As we age, our backs become more sensitive to lifting, so drawers are wonderful for folks who have trouble lifting or reaching.

Another item I am especially fond of is the new way to create storage under the kitchen sink. We all know what a mess that is, well take a look at this new way to do a drawer, to keep it organized. The cabinet pulls out from under the sink in order to access your cleaning products preventing you from to wrestling with the plumbing pipes.

We all have those dead corners, they used to be lazy Susans and UGH we lost things in them, or they all fell apart, there is a solution!

Vertical dividers are super useful for many different kitchen objects. I suggest them for Cutting boards, cookie sheets, muffin tins, platters, baking pans, pie dishes, large lids and even cooling racks.…. These vertical dividers are often placed in the upper portion of tall cabinetry, such as an oven cabinet, pantry or deep refrigerator upper. They can also be used in narrow base cabinets from 9-12" that may not make sense to place a drawer stack.

There are a ton of options for organizing your kitchen drawers. Double storage for flatware, cutlery drawers, With everything in its place, you won’t have to waste time digging for that item you know must be in there somewhere!

And there is maybe my personal favorite, since I am the owner of 2 dogs, and the bowls are always an issue….

Dog-Bowl Pullout – This is such a no-brainer treatment for pet bowls. You can store them in a low drawer with a cabinet above with their food, or even in the toe- kick space. The larger dogs eat in the drawers higher up and the small ones down low. These are easy to fill, clean and stow leaving nothing to kick over or trip on. The pooches seem to love it, too.


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