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Specialty Rooms

The trend of specialty rooms has blown up in popularity!

The rooms where we sleep, eat, and bathe get plenty of attention, but what about the rooms where we play? Our generation has become the hardest working yet, creating a population of workaholics by default. With this rise of homeowners working hard, the importance in playing hard has grown as well. Recreation is very important to this generation, specialty rooms are beginning to get their own share of the limelight with man-caves and game rooms leading the pack. Crafting, sewing, and scrapbooking rooms as well as sport rooms run the gamut from exercise rooms to basketball rooms.

What is a specialty room? It’s a space you wouldn’t typically consider as a main room in a home. They’re unique, one-of-a-kind spaces, or in other words, they’re SPECIAL. These rooms are tailored to the individual, and truly fit the unique desires of the homeowner. Specialty rooms are suited to one specific purpose, no matter what that purpose may be, and range from the simplest of ideas to the most extravagant. Right now, specialty rooms are one of the top custom home features homeowners seek.

In the following photos, you will find some interesting specialty spaces that have been incorporated into homes.


State of the art garages are the trend and for those that are handy a well-equipped and organized workshop is key.

Show Garages

Show garages the show garage is a hot commodity for those who are car enthusiasts. The car has been brought into the home and put on display like art.

Potting Rooms

Potting rooms for those green thumb homeowners are a great way to relax and do some gardening

It can be a corner in a room or it can be an entire room.

Massage Room

If you are a massage therapist or you are hoping to receive massages from home, a massage room may be perfect for you. Massage rooms are tranquil and relaxing, requiring acoustical reinforcement to keep the space free from noise and disruption.

Mud Rooms

Mud rooms are a very practical space at the entrance of a home, typically built-in, that have a number of purposes: Individual lockers or cabinets for each member of the household, cubby holes for each member of the household, open shelves, drawers, coat hooks for each member of the household, umbrella stand or hooks, cubby, drawer, or cabinet for beach towel and beach items, bins for separating recyclable items, hooks for keys or dog leashes, blackboard, bulletin board or wall board for family messages, chair or bench to sit in when removing shoes, cabinet for dog food or cat food, doggy door, area for cat litter box, etc.

Pet Grooming

Any pet-owner knows the struggles of getting your furry friend squeaky clean without dirtying your bathroom or breaking the bank. Which makes this room (or space in laundry room) dedicated to washing your pet invaluable. This room can also house pet toys, food, a bed, etc.

Craft Rooms

Craft rooms provide artsy homeowners with a place to sew, scrapbook, craft, create jewelry, wrap gifts, etc. They also provide an abundance of storage and organization.

Catering Kitchens

A catering kitchen is a space unique unto itself. Without a slew of guests happily chatting at tables beyond the kitchen’s double doors and a service staff scurrying back and forth, the game is changed — and the requirements for a stellar catering kitchen design have to change, too.

A catering kitchen in the home is not to be confused with a commercial space for catering companies. While some homeowners bring in caterers for parties thrown at their homes, a catering kitchen can also be seen as the evolution of the kitchen pantry, expanded into a work area that not only stores food, but also holds serving dishes, additional glassware and appliances. Some cultures have oily or strong spices in their cooking that requires more containment, this is a great way to keep the house smelling fresh and keep the smells and mess contained.

Butler’s Pantry

Historically, the butler's pantry is a room between the formal dining room and the kitchen. It acted as the staging area for formal gatherings In modern homes, butler's pantries are usually located in transitional spaces between kitchens and dining rooms, and used as staging areas for serving meals. They commonly contain countertops, and storage for candles, serving pieces, table linens, tableware, wine, and other dining room articles.

Silver Closets

Becoming a popular item in our larger homes, many people like to store multiple sets of dishes, silver, place settings, glassware etc... this makes storage simpler, and you can display it beautifully even like artwork.

Golf Simulator Rooms

A huge new craze for our home owners, we've installed 5 in the last 4 years. You can golf in any of the world's courses from your very own golf room.

Gun Rooms

Located in Texas we have designed our fair share of fabulous gun rooms, housing the hunting equipment, the clothing and safes and all the accoutrements of a gun enthusiast. This one even features a hidden sliding gun rack door to its entrance.


Home theatres provide families with a 'going to the movies' experience from home. These used to be dedicated rooms for the adults, however, are now being dedicated and popular for children and young adults, great for movie nights and Netflix marathons.

Control Room

Most larger homes or even very technologically advanced homes are making room for a control room or a place to house all of the brains of the systems that run the home. Lighting, sound, theatre, internet, and security can all be racked in a closet or made a feature wall in a game room.

Cigar / Smoking Room

They can be elegant or in a man cave but since cigars have become more popular so have humidors and room to house them.

Wine Rooms/ Tasting Rooms

Wine cellars and tasting rooms are great for wine enthusiasts as they are a relaxing and sophisticated environment.

Safe Rooms

Safe rooms or panic rooms have become increasing popular in homes and have become exceedingly more clever.

Designers and Architects are full of creative rooms, you just dream it up and we can provide all the details and creativity to make it happen!


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