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The "Tiny House" Movement

A social movement well known to the interior design and architecture community - and certainly to HGTV - is the "Tiny House Movement". In which many Americans have decided that they want to downsize their homes in a big - very small - way!

These ity-bity houses range anywhere from 880 sq. ft. to even 170 sq. ft! Quite a lot of thought and planning goes into designing these small homes. Every square foot is important and many spaces need to be multi functional and include eating, sleeping, cooking, bathing, and entertaining!

Believe it or not, the environmentally conscious are not the only ones jumping on the mini bandwagon. Older couples, families with children, young couples, and individuals alike are a part of this movement. Women are 10% more likely to have a tiny home than men, and 2 out of 5 tiny home owners are over the age of 50.

There are plenty of reasons that people lean toward the idea of a small house. The environmentally conscious want to leave less of a carbon footprint; financially a tiny home is much more affordable and may have a very small or no mortgage; they want to declutter their possessions and live more simply; they want to retire; or they just want an adventure! Some owners of small houses use them as vacations homes, a place to take care of in-laws, a home office, or a home for returning adult children.

Tiny houses are being built everywhere across America but the popularity is most dense in Colorado, Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, and California. This trend has reached Houston, however the city has very strict housing regulations which makes building a tiny house difficult. Outside of America there are an abundance of tiny homes being built in places like Hong Kong, Sweden, London, etc.

Building tiny is now so common, resources to help prepare people for the experience are in far from short supply. Some companies give you possible layouts based on your needs and family size to give to a builder while some companies even provide the shell of the building for you to add your own finishes and interior!

The Wahls family, after watching many tiny house TV shows, dreamed of living in a small home. They started with a drawing on printer paper, and three months later their home was built! This home is on the extreme tiny side, measuring only 204 square feet and containing a living room, full kitchen, bathroom, and two lofts (one bedroom, one storage).

After a conversation with an adventurous woman living in a small home, Chris Tack was intrigued with the idea. After discussing with his wife, they both decided that it was a great and exciting move for them. In seven months, the 3D artist designed her entire home board by board and had it built. The home has a 40 gallon fresh water tank, a grey water tank, and solar power!

This tiny home was designed by Jeffery Dungan, inspired by a southern style. It sleeps four people with a queen sized bed in the master bedroom, a spacious living room with vaulted ceilings, a dining room, kitchen, and bathroom in 464 square feet.

Now the real question: Could you live in a tiny home?


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