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Unique Accent Walls

Accent walls are skyrocketing in popularity, and with good reason! They can complete a seemingly unfinished space or bring that extra oomph to an already great one. Accent walls have been around for a long time, but they have almost always been limited to paint or wallpaper. Thankfully, designers and homeowners have been finding new and creative ways to make that wall pop!

Personal Photograph

What better way to transform your house into a home than to display family photographs? That can include photos of your children, a wedding photo, or your ancestors. No matter what you choose, this accent wall will bring nostalgia and make any room feel special.


Channel your inner adventurous old soul by implementing a map into your design. The options are plentiful when it comes to the stylization of the map you use. Depending on the room, the map could be black and white, sepia, old world, topographical, vintage, etc. 


Watercolor murals, due to their soft lines and light colors, are easy to incorporate in a number of room styles. The wall could be one color, ombre, or a wide array of colors. Whichever your choose, it will add a soft and colorful element while also adding an artistic flair.


What could be more chic and functional than a chalkboard accent wall? Especially with the rise of rustic and farmhouse styled interiors, this feature could be the talk of a dinner party. They could be used to display menus, family calendars, chores for the children, or -of course- a wine list.

Antique Mirrors

Antique mirror walls introduce implied space - giving the room an expanded appearance. This can be great for small rooms or rooms that are not very deep but are quite wide, having one of the wide walls feature a mirror can make the whole room feel deeper. Not to mention the glamour!

Modular Walls

Modular walls add texture and interest in ways that flat applications cannot. Having accent lighting or natural lighting shine on these walls can accentuate the texture and create interesting shadows. 

Tile Walls

Covering an accent wall in tile, depending on the style of tile, can add sparkle and polish or a weathered chic to your space. Mosaic tiles can add color and motion.

Wallpaper Walls

Using wallpaper to draw the eyes to a wall can introduce metallic finishes, fabric, intricate details, or a luxurious repetitive pattern. This can be a great option due to the sheer volume of options on the market! If you can picture it, there is probably a wallpaper like it. If not, there are a number of custom wallpaper companies that will ensure you get exactly what you want.


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