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Elevate a Hallway

1. Mirrors

A mirror creates implied space, making a hallway feel much wider and roomier. Using implied space when you are short on actual space is a great technique to use when working with smaller homes. Depending on the design of your mirror, it can also add a bit of glamour through frames, finishes, and beveled accents.

2. Floor Inlays

Floor inlays -whether they're wood, tile, or both- work to define a space through suggestion. The visual interest can be an elegant solution for hallways that are otherwise bland, without cluttering the walls.

3. Bookshelves

Who says hallways can't also be functional? Lining your hallway bookshelves or storage can make the most out of your square-footage and add a ton of interest. A word to the wise, make sure your hallway is wide enough to have the width of the shelves taken away and still be wide enough for comfort.

4. Decorate End of Hallway

Having a contrasting piece of art, wall color, or wallpaper at the end of a hallway can give the illusion of the wall coming forward, giving long hallways a shorter, less 'alleyway' feel.

5. Arches

Arches and soffits soften the space, taking away the typical 'rectangular' shape of a hallway for something fresh and airier. Having multiple arches will also visibly shorten the hallway and make it feel homier.

6. Ceiling

Having a contrasting ceiling -painted, wood, wallpaper, etc.- draws the eyes up and make any hallway interesting and luxurious.

7. Architectural Interest

Adding architectural details such as crown molding, chair rails, wainscoting, or paneling give the space a very custom and 'full' without being cluttered.

8. Runner

A runner is a quick way to jazz up your empty hallway. It is a classic look that softens the space both visually and under-foot. A puppy is not required, but it is definitely recommended!

9. Level Change

A change in level, as shown below, is another example of visually defining spaces by separating them.

10. Round It Out!

Another way to alter the shape of your hallway while adding interest and a bit of softness, would be rounding it out to create a rounded hallway end. This is a classic style and is especially beautiful in traditional styles such as the one below.


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