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5 Latest Interior Design Trends

The interior design world is ever-changing. In the blink of an eye the hottest trends can become outdated and tacky, and people can begin clambering over what was passé last year. As an interior designer, it is important to keep up-to-date with what the world thinks is fashionable this season.

Opposing Styles

A rapidly growing trend at the moment is incorporating opposing styles to create interest. The juxtaposition of two seemingly unrelated objects makes rooms look exciting. Below is an office with a contemporary lamp over a rustic wood desk. The antique books on the shelves are also juxtaposed with a modern, dark navy wall and modern art.

The kitchen shown is a melding of multiple styles. The range hood and lighting fixture are old unfinished industrial, meanwhile the stove and sink are shiny, modern stainless steel. The cabinets and counter tops are contemporary while the bar stools are traditional.


Bringing unique character to a new home is very important to home-buyers. They want things that make the space more unique and authentic such as antique doors, old shutters, re-purposed materials -such as tin ceilings and barn wood-, and antique mirrors. Below is an example of antique doors being used to add authenticity.


Right now in the interior design world, wallpaper is hot hot! Homeowners are moving away from faux walls and running toward clean light paint, while using wallpaper as accents in powder baths, interesting nooks, furniture, etc. Large over-scaled geometrics, soft damasks, and grass cloth are seeing a significant resurgence in the market.


While in the last few years lightly colored walls were huge; white, cream, and bone walls with matching trim to elongate the walls are now popular.

It seems the color on walls has been moved to color on the cabinets. White cabinets used to be everywhere but they have been traded out to soft colored and grey cabinets. Nickel and silver hardware had been trending for several years, but we are seeing soft golds and french golds coming on strong!

Specialty Rooms

Specialty rooms are still trending, they just change every few years. They include hobby/craft rooms, wine rooms, man caves, poker rooms, catering kitchen or dirty kitchens, gun rooms, panic rooms, golf simulator rooms, etc. We find that the homeowners are getting from large studies and formal living rooms and opting for rooms they will utilize - usually something that interests them.


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