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Enhance Your Curb Appeal

1. Greenery

Never underestimate the power of fresh greenery! Whether your home is modern and in need of simple, clean lined look or more traditional benefiting from lush abundant landscaping, incorporating fresh natural greenery is the way to go!

2. Pathway

A stunning pathway, be it simple and charming or unique and exciting, is important for creating a welcoming and inviting front lawn.

3. Colorful Front Door

Don't be afraid of color! Painting your front door is a low risk way of immediately enhancing the curb appeal of your home quickly and affordably. A bright fresh coat of paint on your front door draws the eye and makes your home stand out without being garish or tacky!

4. Storybook Charm

Try a white picket fence, archway, and abundant flora for a magical, storybook-esque front lawn that is impossible to go unnoticed!

5. Wreath

Nothing says 'Welcome, come on in!" like gorgeous front doors adorned with seasonal and holiday wreaths.

6. Porch Furniture

Filling your porch with comfortable furniture gives the whole space a cozy, laid back vibe!

7. Eye-Catching Architecture

Having unique elements to your home's architecture is a surefire way to impress. Unique dormers, columns, windows/doors, all greatly add to the curb appeal of the home shown below.

8. Garage Door Enhancement

Garage doors are often overlooked and bland, however replacing cookie-cutter garage doors with high-end well designed doors can make a world of difference! Showcasing them with lighting and an arbor is the icing on the cake!

9. Display Your Address

Display your address number in a unique and pleasing way for yours to be a curb to remember!

10. Light It Up!

Who says your home should only be beautiful when the sun is out? Pepper lighting strategically throughout your yard to ensure your home has a pleasing glow at night.


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